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Anya-Maithili is an
Indic-script typeface representing the historical Maithili Script belonging from the 14th Century BC.

It is a humanist typeface with elegant forms which were derived from calligraphic letterings to retain the authenticity of the script. It is a suitable typeface for headlines, posters, titles and captions. It consists of around100 characters including vowels, consonants, matras, conjuncts and number glyphs.


The Maithili font of Anya Typeface was designed, and supporting

research was compiled, as a part of  Bachelor Graduation project

at National Institute of Design, India in 2016. 

Specimens collected from field trip to Nepal

The Maithili/Mithilakshar script was used by the rulers of the Mithila region of India and Nepal for almost six hundred years. It fell into disuse as the consequence of multiple social, cultural, religious, and political circumstances over the years, especially after the 1950’s when the script was formally replaced by the Devanagari Script. Currently, there are almost no instances of this script available digitally, although the Unicode for Maithili was developed in 2015.


This research  led to the design of the Anya-Maithili font, which was intended for the preservation and dissemination of the
script digitally.

Initial studies of the Maithili letterforms.

Kitta is an Indic-script traditional calligraphy tool made from Reed (dried bamboo shoots). 

Cut off in an oblique slant, the tip produces interesting variation in stroke thickness.

The stroke direction goes from left to right, and from top to bottom.

Calligraphy Explorations (above)

Tracing and grouping letters according to structures (below)