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The Yeti is a popular legend. There are quite a few stories around the footprints left in the snow and many claim

that it is actually a wild man. 

This book is about the search of the living organism and

its environment, that has so far been hidden in a mystery. 

The visual style was generated after shortlisting keywords, color and texture palette. Initially I sketched the Yeti footprint to be the sub-title holder. However after converting digitally, typographic explorations generated a word-image with ‘yeti’ as the footprint. After following the descriptions within the books,  correct modifications were made and the final design went in production in November 2017. 


Domoruchorit  records the incredible adventures of Domorudhor and his encounters with weirdly familiar magical creatures. The stories originally in Bengali were translated and re published with this book. The author weaves the socio political situations of 19th century Bengal into these magical settings and the stories are conversational and full of wit and satire. 

The illustrations used on the cover were directly inspired by the the characters described in the stories and laid out to make an appealing cover for all age groups. 


Suragi is the autobiography of the author U.R. Ananthamurthy, translated from the original Kannada publication. The author is a distinguished writer and public intellectual and have been awarded the Padma Bhushan Award in 1998. 

“‘Suragi’… this flower from the Malnad region, which takes me back to my childhood, grows more fragrant as it wilts. At a time when my health is failing, I wish to be like the Suragi,” wrote the author in his preface to his autobiography in Kannada, published in 2012. 

For the cover, thus, I painted the beautiful Suragi flower in watercolor, a touch of the tenderness and its natural beauty and then arranged the painting digitally to create the final cover design.

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