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CEMIT is a SaaS and railway company using AI and big data to lead the railway industry into a new digital age. was already involved in developing Cemit's Services for some years, when in 2022, Cemit got global recognition and wanted to develop the Brand further to position it as a leading innovator in Railway technology. 

I was the lead visual designer for this project and worked closely with my team at, to come up with a brand identity which resonated with the company's values and offerings.

The brand strategy was to leave a lasting impression on CEMIT’s potential investors, partners and clients. We wanted to peak their interest in digital rail technologies and create urgency around the need for stronger data analytical competencies.We presented CEMIT as the solution; a new market player with decades of experience, leading the industry into a modern age of digitalization.


Yet just as important as digital technology and human safety was environmental sustainability. CEMIT, whose products reduce downtime, maintenance costs, and train energy consumption all have a massive impact on a global scale. This has been deeply incorporated into their brand story because digital technologies and environmental solutions must go hand in hand when building the green cities of the future.


After iterations, the main brand colours for Cemit were defined
to be Cemit Blue and Cemit Red. Red represents strength, power, and establishment, while Blue provides a contrast and conveys importance, confidence, and authority, as well as intelligence and stability. Collectively, they shape the character of the Cemit Brand, reinforcing its brand positioning.

Cemit, being a big data and intelligence driven company, have usage of long paragraphs of text, for example: product manuals, descriptions , documentation and various other text based communication. With readability as the main factor, it was important to choose a typeface which made it easier to keep attention through large segments of scholarly texts.  The search for a highly readable font led me to
Lexend, a font which was developed and tested to improve reading performance. 

I created supporting visuals and infographics following the Cemit Brand language. Along with other applications, these were also used as display graphics in Cemit's expo kiosks. For representation I created a 3D model of what their kiosk would look like when it's implemented. This method was followed and was a success while executing in real.