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A brochure design done in November 2015 introducing 

the Bamboo Initiatives of the National Institute of Deign. 


Furniture Design faculty got in touch with me regarding the design

of an introductory leaflet which should act as an at-a-glimpse portfolio/poster for the Bamboo Initiatives and can be distributed to delegates in various internal and external events.


All the information including written and picture data were collected and was sorted into the required data which was to be represented in the poster. Once the content was in place, various layouts were explored and the one best befitting the content was chosen and taken forward. The chosen concept was of a brochure, which when fully unfolded would act as a poster with a folio of Bamboo Initiative's work. The final brochure was digitally printed on A3 Cartridge and manually creased and folded.

24th April 2016, my friends Sadhvi and Panchal got married in Agra. Three months prior to the wedding Sadhvi asked me to design her wedding invites. She asked for a custom design in which paper quilling can be incorporated. This paper quilling was to be done by the kids of Blind Persons' Association, Ahmedabad. The invites were planned so that they could be circulated collectively or selectively for each event. 


The visual language was developed through watercolour explorations keeping the brief in mind. The selected 

watercolour was digitally worked on to achieve colour palettes to suit the theme of each event.

The headers and swashes were hand drawn letters created with a calligraphy fountain pen and ink on paper.


The collective set of the invites consisted of  

- the main card (folded a4)    

- the Sangeet invite (a5)                 

- the Cocktail Party invite (a5)                   

- the Wedding Function invite (a5)


The entire set was printed and box enveloped (to accomodate the paper quilling) in textured watercolour paper.

IMG_9813 copy.jpg

This 2 color offset printed poster tell the stories of the four very beautiful print processes - relief, screen, intaglio and offset, through metaphorical narrations. 

Themed along Valentines's day and presented through classic comic strips, the poster depicts four separate love declarations, which is actually how the four print processes work.


The following series of posters were designed for the celebratory Hindi week at the National Institute of Design. Each one is a promotional / invitation / announcement poster for the different events organised in the week and was circulated internally and also across other educational campuses across the city.

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